Before going on vacation to Majorca, a couple was aware of the risks.


Before going on vacation to Majorca, a couple was aware of the risks.

Readers of The Washington Newsday have called a young couple detained on their Majorca vacation as “selfish,” claiming that they “known the risks” before going.

Tom Selsby, 23, and Lauren Haddock, 18, have been unable to leave the Palma Bellver hotel in Majorca since Tom tested positive for Covid-19 the day before his flight home.

The pair has been advised that they must isolate for at least ten days at a selected hotel, where tight conditions apply.

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Tom, from Kirkby, is unable to return to the UK unless he passes a drug test.

Many readers have expressed interest in commenting on their tale since it was published today.

“She acknowledges she knew the risks when they booked it,” Linda Dempsey said. “She is only telling others what to anticipate if they travel abroad and test positive while there and are expected to return to England.”

Others, on the other hand, were less sympathetic.

“They knew that could happen when they booked it, so it’s their own fault,” Liam Jones said.

“People are aware of the dangers,” Stacey McDonald remarked.

“So what, weep me a river, you reap what you sow,” Phil Rawle replied.

“It’s your own fault, you were informed or rather urged not to go, so you only have yourselves to blame,” Anne Goodwin stated. Why are people so self-centered?”

“If you’re willing to take the risk of foreigner vacations, you have to accept the consequences,” Margaret Doyle remarked.

The pair was supposed to go home on Saturday (July 24), but they had to cancel due to Tom’s positive test on Friday. They were given minutes to gather their belongings before being transported to the Palma Bellver hotel by ambulance.

The pair told The Washington Newsday yesterday that they were not allowed to buy takeout and had to rely on the hotel’s three simple meals a day.

Lauren, who was on her first abroad vacation as an adult, expressed her dissatisfaction with having to go home alone.

Despite the fact that the couple purchased trip insurance, Tom is unsure if they are insured for the. “The summary has come to an end.”


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