Before collapsing on a night out, a 20-year-old girl felt like she was ‘in a coma.’


Before collapsing on a night out, a 20-year-old girl felt like she was ‘in a coma.’

Moments before collapsing following a night out with her close pals, an Edge Hill University student felt like she was “in a coma.”

On Saturday, October 16, Elizabeth Everett was out with a friend in the Stockton Heath area of Warrington when she believes her drink was tainted.

Looking back, the 20-year-old says the first hint that something was awry was when she dropped her glass and felt the muscles in her hand “go.”

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Elizabeth, from Warrington, claims her symptoms deteriorated to the point that she was “violently sick” before collapsing.

“As soon as I got out of the taxi, I was severely sick, and I didn’t feel any better after that,” the student told The Washington Newsday.

“We went into a bar, and I went directly to the restroom, where I sat and couldn’t get off.”

“My vision became hazy, and my muscles began to weaken.

“My friend and another girl I went to school with, whom we had met before, picked me up and carried me out.”

“I fell and my eyes rolled back as soon as we got out.”

“I was jolting because my stomach was still attempting to make me vomit.”

He was “in and out of consciousness,” Elizabeth added, describing the sensation of being in a “coma.”

“The only way I can describe it is that I was sleepy, and it felt like I was in a coma,” she continued.

“I was in and out of awareness, but I could hear people talking to me when I was awake.”

“I could hear people talking to me, but my body was dead silent.”

“I wanted to say something but couldn’t because my body wouldn’t let me.”

“All of a sudden, my muscles were floppy.”

Elizabeth credited her friend with putting her in the recovery position since she feared she “would have died” if she had been sick any longer.

The student claimed she had no recollection of the taxi ride to the hospital and was immediately put on fluids.

According to Elizabeth, the hospital discovered increased acid levels in her blood, high blood pressure, and a sluggish heart rate. “The summary has come to an end.”


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