Before a 150mph police chase, a teen father joked about writing off his Audi.


Before a 150mph police chase, a teen father joked about writing off his Audi.

Before utilizing the M6 as a “racing track” in a 150mph police chase, a youthful father joked about writing off his new Audi.

As he sought to “outpace” authorities in a “life-threatening” pursuit, Nathan Batha hit traffic cones and drove on the hard shoulder.

The 19-year-old was then captured on camera speeding past a red light at 100 mph on a Warrington residential lane.

After an altercation with his fiancée, the mother of his six-month-old daughter, Batha decided to go out in the Audi A3.

He further stated that the reason he tested positive for cocaine was because his carmates were using crack.

Batha joked with pals on Facebook after buying the Audi, when one warned it would be a write-off in two weeks and he replied, “Pushing it.”

When another friend said, “Nice car, scary driver,” the youngster answered with a laughing emoji.

At Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, Batha was sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile offenders institute.

Officers heard the sound of Batha’s car before it rushed past them around Junction 17, travelling northbound towards Knutsford Services, at around 3.50 a.m., according to prosecutor Nardeen Nemat.

The Audi passed a car at at 120 mph, then reached speeds of over 150 mph before passing a van at roughly 130 mph.

Batha touched 85 mph on a 50 mph stretch of the highway, and when an officer sounded his sirens and pursued him, the kid touched 150 mph again before the highway was reduced to one lane with a 50 mph restriction.

Ms Nemat claims he “ripped down a lot of cones” when passing vehicles on the hard shoulder, prompting the officer to abandon his pursuit because it was unsafe for adjacent construction workers.

After exiting the M6 at Junction 21 and traveling along the A57 Manchester Road in Woolston, cops from Cheshire and Merseyside pursued the Audi.

It passed additional automobiles and ran a red light at 100 mph on a 40 mph road before the officer in charge used a stinger device. The summary comes to a close.


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