Because of the Pingdemic, the BBC has axed some regional news hours.


Because of the Pingdemic, the BBC has axed some regional news hours.

Because so many employees are self-isolating, some regional news segments on BBC Breakfast will be canceled starting Monday.

More than 1 million people have been instructed to stay at home for 10 days because they have been into contact with someone who has Covid in the so-called Pingdemic.

Everything from supermarket supplies to rail services to garbage pickup has been interrupted.

Now The BBC will pause English regional TV stints in BBC breakfast until September, according to the Guardian.

The move is being made so that workers can focus on nighttime regional news broadcasts – however some of these may be produced by neighboring areas, and other regional broadcasting may be phased out during the summer, according to The Guardian.

“Like firms across the economy, we’re suffering extraordinary workforce shortages as a result of Covid,” a BBC spokesman said. With a few exceptions, we’ve been able to maintain a typical service thus far. Our top objective is to safeguard the most popular news show on television: BBC One’s regional news at 6:30 p.m. To do so, we’re putting in place some short-term steps to relieve stress on our teams.”

In order to keep the country functioning, the government has created a limited list of industries where critical people may be spared from having to self-isolate.

People who work in the food supply chain, as well as energy, waste, water, transportation, medical, emergency services, border control, defense, and local government, are included.


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