Beagle is looking for a new home at a rescue center.


Beagle is looking for a new home at a rescue center.

A woman is needed to rehome one of their resident canines at an animal rescue center.

Carla Lane Animals in Need is looking for a female owner to care for Marley, who is looking for a permanent home.

The little Beagle has been with the Melling-based organization for almost a year and has been placed in four different homes but has yet to find the perfect match.

Because he developed separation anxiety and became attached to his former female owner, the charity is looking for an experienced lady to be his new owner.

“It’s been trial and error with him unfortunately, determining what sort of home he needs,” Charlotte, his friend and a spokesman for the organization, told TeamDogs. “We are hoping that another dog in the family may help him and show him how to be a good boy.”

“We believe Marley would be best suited to a home with an active female owner who has experience with difficult dogs and is ready to work with our trainer to complete the training program.”

Marley, who is believed to be between the ages of two and three, is described as a strong character who enjoys running and playing, particularly in the garden.

He walks well on the leash and gets along well with other dogs. However, while he gets along well with people when out and about, he has some issues with strangers within his home.

He is crate trained, so when company arrive, he will happily take himself to his own space, or he can be introduced to them and easily won over with a sweet treat.

Marley has guarding difficulties, but he has recently completed a training program to help him overcome them.

“We enrolled Marley in a residential training program, and he performed absolutely terrific and substantially improved,” Charlotte continued.

“Although Marley has guarding difficulties, he has never demonstrated this behavior among other dogs, so we are willing to place him with another gorgeous female dog.

“Marley is a typical younger beagle boy with lots of energy; the other dog in the house must be just as energetic.”

Marley had bitten in a prior home, according to the organization, but only with assistance. “The summary has come to an end.”


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