Beachgoers take advantage of the warm weather as the temperature approaches 23 degrees Celsius.


Beachgoers take advantage of the warm weather as the temperature approaches 23 degrees Celsius.

As temperatures in areas of England reached nearly 23 degrees, many flocked to the beaches to soak up the sun.

On Saturday, hundreds of people flocked to Bournemouth beach in Dorset, while kayakers flocked to Derwentwater in the Lake District.

At around 1.20 p.m., a man was rushed to the hospital after sliding over the side of a slipway near the Beacon in Redcar, North Yorkshire.

The individual sustained head and possibly spinal injuries, according to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in Redcar.

At 3 p.m., temperatures reached 22.8°C in Wisley, Surrey, 22.7°C in Hull, and 22.6°C in central London’s St James’ Park.

On Sunday, the temperature is anticipated to rise even higher, with 24°C in London and 21°C in Newcastle.

“It’s not going to be wall-to-wall sunshine tomorrow, which will certainly disappoint quite a few,” Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent said.

“There will be a lot of cloud through central England, eastern Wales, and down to the South West first thing on Sunday morning.

“And there will be rain outbreaks in that zone, with the occasional stronger burst of rain in the South West.”

Throughout the morning, there will be a mix of bright periods, but the weather will begin to deteriorate later in the day, with a danger of widespread showers.

On Sunday, the weather will be the best across Northern Ireland and northern Scotland, with only a “odd rogue shower” expected during the day, according to Ms Kent.

Showers and cloudy skies are expected in northern England on Monday, transitioning to sunlight by mid-afternoon, with thunder and heavy showers in central and eastern areas by mid-afternoon.

Depending on the strength of the rain, Ms Kent said, weather alerts may be issued.

Despite the inclement weather, temperatures in London are expected to reach 25°C, with temperatures in northern Scotland reaching 21°C.


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