Bavaria: Incorrect corona test results due to problems in the laboratory.


Due to a manufacturer’s delivery failure, a large Bavarian laboratory has resorted to an incompatible detection method. The result was incorrect corona test results.

According to a newspaper report, a large Bavarian laboratory has produced a series of false positive results in corona tests. This had been noticed during inspections in a hospital in Taufkirchen/Vils, Upper Bavaria, the “Münchner Merkur” reported on Wednesday. There 58 of 60 positive tests turned out to be false positives.

The managing director of the Augsburg MVZ Laboratory explained the errors with the shortage of reagents. Due to the delivery failure of a manufacturer, the laboratory had had to fall back on another detection method that was apparently incompatible. “Due to the high volume of samples and the lack of accessories, it was not always possible to check positive results promptly in all cases,” the newspaper quoted the managing director.

The psychiatric Isar-Amper Clinic was not able to explain the accumulation of positive cases and therefore had the patients tested a second time. The PCR tests used are actually considered to be more than 99 percent reliable. According to the report, however, the false results are not an isolated case. Other laboratories would also have difficulties in testing in the usual quality due to lack of personnel and reagents. Before last weekend, numerous false positive tests on professional soccer players had become known, among them national player Serge Gnabry of FC Bayern Munich and several players of the Würzburger Kickers as well as the third league club Türkgücü Munich.



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