Bars throughout DC are opening early to host watch parties for Robert Müller’s statement before the congress.


Bars in Washington opened their doors early Wednesday to host watch parties for Robert Müller’s eagerly awaited congressional statement about the Russian investigation.

Just as the Special Adviser was sworn in before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee members at 8:30 a.m., DC drinking establishments began to provide drinks to politically savvy guests to toast the blockbuster hearing.

Spectators were encouraged to reassure themselves as long listening would leave enough time for refills.

Duffy’s opens at 8 a.m. with a full menu and beverage specialties – including a ‘Bloody Mueller’.

The hearing was broadcast on the pub’s eight flat-screen TVs and the Stadium Sound System.

A Facebook page for the watch party encouraged viewers to put on their best “festive outfit”.

H Street corridor – 1016 H St St NE

Union Pub started at 9 a.m. – at the earliest now it could legally get its operating license.

All televisions in the pub showed the hearing with sound.

The full bar and kitchen was opened early, with $ 6 “Moscow Muellers”, $ 4 selected rye whiskeys and journals and $ 4.45 railway drinks.

The patrons were promised a free round of drinks every time Trump twittered during the testimony about James Comey.

Capitol Hill – 201 Massachusetts Ave NE

Shaw’s opened at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, adjusting all of his televisions to hearing over two floors and turning the sound all the way.

The tavern offered breakfast and lunch specialties for guests who could relax for a long day of drinking. The staff began accepting beverage orders punctually at 11 am.

Le Droit Park – 520 Florida Ave NW

This popular waterhole on Capitol Hill opened at 8.30am and served brunch until 15.00pm.

Barkeepers prepared special “Bloody Muellers” in honor of the Congress statement.

Capitol Hill – 329 Pennsylvania Ave SE

The Midlands opened at 8.30 a.m. with traditional breakfasts of nitro cold drinks, coffee, juice and hibiscus tea.

The first 70 people to buy house bottles or canned beers were given individual pens with the words: “It’s miller’s time.

Customers were invited to bring their own food until the Midlands kitchen opened at 2 pm.

A post has been published on the bar’s Facebook page: Wifi will be strong! Just like our patriotism!



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