Barley warns Britain against exuberance in Brexite negotiations


Katarina Barley (SPD), MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, has warned Britain not to rely on the goodwill of Europeans in the brexite negotiations.

“I want only good for this country. But they shouldn’t think we’re idiots,” Barley told the news portal T-Online.

There will be no privileged access for Great Britain to the EU internal market if London tries to develop into a tax haven at the gates of Europe. The EU will stick to its standards in consumer, health and environmental protection, she continued. She added that these requirements could “under no circumstances be imposed on the British or allow British goods to be subject to less stringent controls”. “The British wanted less bureaucracy through the brexite. That was always the argument against the EU. In fact, they’ll get more bureaucracy,” Barley said. The SPD politician was sceptical about the minimum wages that immigrants in Great Britain will have to prove in the future. This salary is higher than what a nurse in the state health system earns.

A shortage of staff in the already tense medical sector in Great Britain was inevitable. “All I can say is that we in the EU warmly welcome the nurses who would otherwise have gone to the UK,” Barley told the news portal T-Online.


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