Austria: Identitarian Movement Unrolls Banner “No Imam in the Army!


During the festive events for the national holiday in Austria there was a scandal. The right-wing extremist group “Identitäre Bewegung” unrolled a banner at Vienna’s Heldenplatz with the inscription “No Imam in the army!

The “Identitarian Movement” in Austria disrupted national holiday events with a protest on Friday. During the celebrations at Vienna’s Heldenplatz, the extreme right-wing group unfurled a banner with the inscription “No Imam in the army!”, as the “Kronen Zeitung” reported on Monday.

The background is the deposition of the military imam Abdulmedzid Sijamhodzic. The imam is said to have spoken out in favor of an extremist movement in Bosnia on his Facebook page on Thursday. Sijamhodzic rejected the accusations made against him on Friday. He had never shared these videos, nor was he behind this ideology, Sijamhodzic said. Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) subsequently ended her cooperation with the military imam of the Austrian Armed Forces.

On the national holiday, the wreath-laying ceremony and the recruits’ commendation took place at Heldenplatz under public scrutiny. The traditional performance show of the German Armed Forces and also guided tours through the Hofburg only took place online or were cancelled.

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