Attendees to the fan zone are encouraged to undergo a coronavirus test ahead of time.


Attendees to the fan zone are encouraged to undergo a coronavirus test ahead of time.

Those attending the Euro 2020 fan zone in Glasgow are encouraged to obtain a coronavirus test before going, although a negative result is not required.

If clusters of viral infections are linked to the fan zone, Scotland’s national clinical director, Professor Jason Leitch, says “there will have to be a reversal gear.”

Up to 6,000 people a day will congregate at Glasgow Green’s fan zone, which opens on Friday, to watch matches throughout the tournament.

The men’s squad of Scotland has qualified for Euro 2020 for the first time in more than two decades.

Prof Leitch said the fan zone is a “gateway event” as part of the transition out of lockdown on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland radio show on Friday.

“I think they did a terrific job,” he stated. It’s not risk-free, and the fan zone can’t be.

“The only way to eliminate all of Covid’s risks is to shut down the city and refuse to allow any masses inside the fan zone or the stadium.

“I don’t believe the pandemic stage we’re in suggests that.”

He noted that while proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will not be required to enter the fan zone, testing is “very, very recommended.”

He believes that making the tests mandatory could lead to people “gaming” or cheating the system, and that persuasion is a better option.

“We’re trying to see whether we can mail (tests) out to some of the folks who will have tickets,” Prof Leitch added.

“In the interim, if you haven’t completed it, there will be a testing center at the fan zone.

“However, please, please, please finish it before you leave.”

Officials from many organizations participating in the fan zone met on Thursday, he said, and data from the site will be monitored by a panel of public health consultants.

“We said at the meeting yesterday, and all of us agreed – it’s not a Scottish Government thing, it’s a partner issue,” Prof Leitch said. (This is a brief piece.)


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