At The Playground, A Stalker Brutally Murders A 14-Year-Old Girl In Front Of Her Terrified Friends.


At The Playground, A Stalker Brutally Murders A 14-Year-Old Girl In Front Of Her Terrified Friends.

In India, a 14-year-old girl died after being stalked and stabbed with a sickle in front of her companions.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening in Pune, a city in Maharashtra’s western state. According to Hindustani Times, the girl and her pals were playing in a playground when the accused, Shubham Bhagwat, and two accomplices arrived on a bike.

The man approached the girl and motioned for her to step aside so he could speak with her. Following an argument between the two, the man savagely attacked the girl in front of her shocked companions.

The victim, a grade 8 student, died on the spot from her injuries. According to police, the man first went after her neck.

According to Indian Express, “the attack was savage, and the girl is thought to have breathed her last on the spot.”

A toy pistol was also found at the crime scene. The accused or his accomplices may have used it to intimidate others into not intervening, according to police.

The 22-year-old accused was a relative of the victim, according to authorities, and spent time with her family. After the girl’s parents got suspicious of his motives, he was told to leave.

“Shubham had been stalking her for some time, but when the girl’s parents found out, they advised him to leave their house, and he moved to another location,” another officer told Hindustani Times.

Following the crime, the three males departed the site. The two accomplices were apprehended and arrested the same evening, while the accused was apprehended the next morning.

A guy in the southern Indian state of Karnataka is accused of lighting a married woman on fire after she refused his advances earlier this month.

The accused allegedly waited near the 23-year-old victim’s house and approached her as soon as she walked out to use the restroom. He attempted to sexually assault her after she refused to amuse him. When the victim tried to fight him off, the accused doused her in gasoline and set her ablaze.


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