At Grandparents’ House, a 6-year-old is mauled to death by dogs.


At Grandparents’ House, a 6-year-old is mauled to death by dogs.

In New Mexico, a 6-year-old boy was mauled to death by at least one dog near his family’s home.

On Monday, deputies were dispatched to a home in Mesilla Park after reports of a little child being mauled by a dog. When officers arrived at 9:45 a.m., they discovered a 6-year-old youngster with many injuries to his upper body.

Officers performed CPR on the boy before airlifting him to a children’s hospital in El Paso. According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, he died from his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The boy managed to get into the dogs’ enclosure in his grandparents’ property, according to Doa Ana County Sheriff Kim Stewart. She described the child’s death as “tragic in every way.” “The word “accident” immediately comes to mind. There isn’t necessarily a single individual or group of people to blame for this “According to KVIA, Stewart stated.

On Tuesday morning, Doa Ana County Animal Control announced that six canines from the property had been euthanized.

It is unknown whether all six dogs attacked the child.

An autopsy was performed on the child’s body to ascertain the cause of death. More information about the event is being sought by cops.

Frank Bryce, head of the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, has fostered dogs at his home for many years. Pack dogs, he added, are “more hazardous than a loaded pistol.” To avoid packs, Bryce advised folks to be cautious about how they maintain their pets. To keep his dogs from wandering or forming packs, he puts them in separate cages with locks on the doors. “Pack dogs are basically like pack people, like a mob,” Bryce told the site, “and they are actually really hazardous in my opinion.”

Aggressive dogs are prone to snapping at any time, especially when youngsters are present. “In some situations, small children have no feeling of danger. They’ll reach out to touch the dog… and then snap at them “Bryce went on to say.

A Texas woman was discovered dead in her backyard last week in a similar occurrence. Her pet dogs are suspected of mauling her to death, according to authorities.


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