At an Argentina bathing spot, Piranhas attack dozens of swimmers and rip a girl’s toe off.


At an Argentina bathing spot, Piranhas attack dozens of swimmers and rip a girl’s toe off.

At a famous swimming location in Santa Fe, Argentina, piranhas attacked dozens of people.

Local news outlets broadcast images of the attack. A 13-year-old girl’s toe was severed. A portion of flesh was gone from a woman’s finger in another shot. A substantial portion of flesh from one of the victims’ foot was taken, while another had a hole in her big toe.

According to reports, up to 30 persons were hurt.

The attack took place at the Setbal lagoon between November 20 and 22. Lifeguards on the beach, according to El Litoral, treated injured people and raised red flags to get people out of the sea. Piranha assaults are known to occur in Argentina, according to the article, but they usually occur later in the year. High temperatures are thought to have prompted them to migrate to the area earlier than usual.

According to El Tribuno, Monday was a national holiday in Argentina, and temperatures reached about 39 degrees Fahrenheit (102 degrees Fahrenheit), causing many people to flock to the beaches of Santa Fe.

It is prohibited to enter the water, according to a statement from Santa Fe officials. Recreational bathing is only allowed in specified swimming sites, and the Setbal lagoon is just for sunbathing, according to the statement.

The piranha attack, according to the statement, was caused by extremely high temperatures combined with a “exceptional discharge” of the Paraná River.

The water was particularly perilous, according to Cintia Gauna, the municipality’s director of risk management, because of deep water and unstable terrain. The current conditions, according to the statement, pose a risk of piranhas, sting rays, and snakes, in addition to piranhas.

Piranhas are expected to remain in the area for the next three months, according to the report.

According to Sergio Berardi of the Santa Fe lifeguard union, piranha attacks were not expected this early in the year. “The first and most effective aid is prevention,” he stated, emphasizing the need of not entering the water when the first instance occurs. “Those who are accompanying little children should not abandon them in the water.” In South America, there are approximately 60 species of piranha. They are carnivorous fish that frequent the area. This is a condensed version of the information.


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