At a ‘chaotic’ A&E, a man in “agonising pain” had to wait 14 hours.


At a ‘chaotic’ A&E, a man in “agonising pain” had to wait 14 hours.

When a guy in excruciating agony arrived at Aintree Hospital’s A&E department, he was informed he would have to wait 14 hours to see a doctor.

On Saturday (July 24), David Moore, 39, became unwell with crippling, unexplained abdominal pains, and his wife Johanna attempted to contact 111 and then 999 for assistance.

She said no one answered the 111 call, and the 999 operator told her she could wait up to six hours for an ambulance.

Covid cases in Liverpool City Region are on the decline.

Johanna drove her husband to the Aintree Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department early on Sunday morning after arranging child care for the couple’s three young children, where she said staff were overwhelmed by the amount of people in need of assistance.

“I felt so awful for the workers, they couldn’t handle with the numbers,” she claimed.

When the couple checked in at the front desk, they were told that David, who was in excruciating pain, would have to wait up to 14 hours to see a doctor.

After waiting for an hour to see a triage nurse, the couple was told that it would still be another 13 hours before a doctor could examine David.

“David was in so much pain, I feared he was going to pass out – there was no way we could wait that long to see someone,” Johanna, 36, added.

“It was very horrible, it was chaotic,” she added of the scenes surrounding her.

“At 8.30 a.m., I overheard a woman say she had been waiting for the results of blood tests since 9.30 p.m.

“I’m not blaming the employees; they were doing their best, rushing about trying to keep up – the receptionist looked like she was about to cry.”

The couple, from West Derby, decided they couldn’t wait any longer for David’s treatment and went to the Royal Liverpool Hospital’s A&E department instead.

According to Johanna, things were still quite busy there as well.

“Every seat in the waiting area was taken, and the triage line was literally extending out the door,” she claimed.

“We got there in the end.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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