Aston Martin files a lawsuit over a deposit on a hypercar.


Aston Martin files a lawsuit over a deposit on a hypercar.

According to Aston Martin, a Swiss dealership network has been sued for allegedly failing to pay over customer deposits for the £2.5 million Valkyrie hypercar.

Nebula Project has been served with civil proceedings, and the premium carmaker has urged Swiss prosecutors to look into a criminal inquiry.

Aston Martin Lagonda said it expects to lose £15 million in profits this year as a result of the dispute as it works to recuperate the money.

In 2016, Nebula Project signed a deal with the firm to assist in the financing of the Valkyrie, and processed some client deposits that were used to fund the car’s development.

The goal had been for Nebula to get a cut of the car’s sales, just like Aston’s Valhalla and Vanquish models.

The deal, which was negotiated at a time when Aston Martin was having financial difficulties, has now been canceled as a result of Aston Martin’s assertions that Nebula failed to deliver the deposits.

“The behavior of Nebula Project AG and its board members has had an impact on both Aston Martin and its customers,” the business said.

Aston Martin is entirely dedicated to assisting and working with any customers who have been affected to ensure that their Valkyrie program vehicles are delivered on time.

“Despite not receiving all of the deposited payments, Aston Martin is completely committed to supporting and working with those customers affected to ensure that they receive delivery of their Valkyrie program vehicles as scheduled, prioritizing client relationships.

“There are no additional agreements in place of this nature, and the firm will ensure that all deposits for unique vehicles are handled directly by Aston Martin, rather than through a third party, going forward.”

After realizing that automobiles had been sold in violation of the dealership agreement, Nebula Project is also canceling dealership agreements with AF Cars, a firm based in Switzerland and overseen by the same board members as Nebula Project.

Despite the current setback, the firm stated that it hopes to meet its objective of 10,000 sales by the end of the year. (This is a brief piece.)


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