Asda customers are displeased with the price of a new seasonal Cadbury treat.


Asda customers are displeased with the price of a new seasonal Cadbury treat.

Asda customers are eager to get their hands on a festive Cadbury chocolate orange delight, but some are disappointed by the price.

Although Halloween is rapidly approaching, many people’s attention has already shifted to Christmas, with businesses and stores releasing holiday-themed products and sweets in advance of the big day.

Cadbury made a fuss after its Chocolate Orange Yule Log was seen on the internet.

The chocolate behemoth, which is the world’s second largest confectionary brand, is known and loved for its broad assortment of delights and holiday releases. I tried jeans from Primark, Zara, M&S, and New Look, and one didn’t fit at all.

Cadbury’s new yule log is made with chocolate sponge, orange sauce, and orange buttercream and is covered in milk chocolate.

Sweet Reviews UK’s 37.5k Instagram followers were treated to a photo of the “juicy, zesty” yule log.

The review account said in a descriptive caption next to the image: “NEW CADBURY CHOCOLATE ORANGE YULE LOG – We love this time of year since there are so many Christmas delights on the shelves! ⠀” This year, @cadburyuk has gone above and above by introducing a chocolate orange yule log! Yaaaass!!” This yule log, made with a chocolate sponge, orange buttercream filling, orange sauce, and milk chocolate coating, is exactly what we needed in our Christmas lineup “The orange filling is juicy and zesty, with a hint of Jaffa orange flavor. Because the yule log is a little dry, the sponge dampens it a little. The amount of filling, thankfully, serves to hide the dry sponge.” Overall, a decent enough Yule log, but we can’t agree with the pricing of £2.50 for the size; we’re sure these are generally £1-£1.50? @asda has it right now “..

The message was well-received on the popular social networking platform, receiving over 1,000 likes.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“Oh, my hubby is going to LOVE this,” Jayne exclaimed.

“OMG,” Drew exclaimed.

“YES,” Bethany responded.

“I’m going to Asda tomorrow,” Natalie joked to a buddy.

Laura added the following comment after tagging a friend: “The summary has come to an end.”


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