As the removal of the moratorium on June 21 approaches, Zahawi warns against “squandering hard-won advantages.”


As the removal of the moratorium on June 21 approaches, Zahawi warns against “squandering hard-won advantages.”

Following speculations that the scheduled release of all restrictions on June 21 could be delayed by four weeks, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi emphasized the significance of being “very cautious” while releasing coronavirus restrictions.

Concerns over the spread of the Delta strain, which was initially found in India, prompted him to warn against “squandering” the vaccine program’s “hard-won results.”

It comes as The Times reports that ministers are mulling a four-week postponement to what has been dubbed “independence day” to give businesses more confidence and enable consumers more time to acquire both vaccine doses.

Boris Johnson is scheduled to make a decision on whether England can resume full operations on June 21. An announcement is expected on Monday.

New numbers reveal that case rates have climbed in every region of England, prompting Prime Minister David Cameron to err on the side of caution and postpone the next stage of his road map.

According to Public Health England, a total of 42,323 instances of the Delta strain have been confirmed in the UK, up from 29,892 instances previous week.

When queried about rumours of a delay during a televised round on Friday morning, Mr Zahawi stated emphatically that the virus “hasn’t gone away.”

He told Times Radio Breakfast, “There have been some really hard-won battles against this virus, and we don’t want to squander those hard-won achievements that we have earned through the vaccination program.”

“Having said that, the virus hasn’t gone away; the virus will continue to try to evolve, escape, and survive, and I believe it’s critical that we exercise extreme caution.”

Mr Zahawi said the Government was on track to fulfill a June 21 deadline for all over 50s to receive their second dosage, and he urged individuals who had not had their first dosage to come forward and be vaccinated.

“75 percent, three quarters, of the 12,500 patients infected with the Delta variety had not gotten a jab, so it’s absolutely important,” he added.

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