As the event was moved over the mask policy, Ted Cruz said, “Academics’ War on Conservatives Continues.”


As the event was moved over the mask policy, Ted Cruz said, “Academics’ War on Conservatives Continues.”

The venue of a Republican Senator Ted Cruz event scheduled for Wednesday night on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus has been changed, while the organizers and the university have given inconsistent accounts of what happened.

“The attack on conservatives by academia continues!!” Cruz, who is set to be the night’s featured guest, addressed the issue on Twitter on Tuesday. “We will not be stopped by their Marxist COVID regulations! Purchase tickets for our brand-new venue!” The conservative Young America’s Foundation (YAF), which organized the event, said it relocated because it disagreed with the university’s indoor mask requirement.

The academic battle on conservatives is still going on!!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is attempting to suppress free expression by preventing @michaeljknowles and myself from taping a LIVE edition of #Verdict.

We will not be stopped by their Marxist COVID requirements! Purchase tickets for our brand-new venue! October 13, 2021 — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) However, the University of Wisconsin-Madison posted emails on Twitter that it said were from YAF, indicating that the group committed to follow the school’s COVID-19 health guidelines in order to rent space on campus.

Cruz took his case to the social media platform Twitter. YAF also tweeted about the situation, stating that the event had been relocated to the Wisconsin Masonic Center due to UW-“dual-standard Madison’s mask policy.” More details regarding the YAF event that was previously scheduled for Shannon Hall may be found here: In advance, in writing, event organizers were informed of and agreed to campus health guidelines. October 13, 2021 — UW-Madison Media (@UWMadisonMedia) The University of Wisconsin-Madison used Twitter to broadcast emails between organizers and university officials about the campus regulations.

In September, YAF Vice President Patrick Coyle confirmed that the group and individuals involved in the event would “make sure to follow the University of Wisconsin’s health regulations and guidelines,” according to the emails.

Indoors at UW-Madison, masks are required with few exceptions. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the university’s provost, John Karl Scholz, declined a request by YAF to have the performers’ identities revealed.

According to YAF spokesperson Kara Zupkus, the group’s agreement solely applied to students and YAF personnel. She claims they never stated that talent would be hidden when on stage. This is a condensed version of the information.


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