As the Alisal Fire spreads across 24 square miles in Southern California, wildfire warnings are expected to grow.


As the Alisal Fire spreads across 24 square miles in Southern California, wildfire warnings are expected to grow.

According to the Associated Press, wildfire warnings in Southern California could be expanded as the Alisal Fire has grown to cover 24 square miles and a new round of dry winds scheduled to begin Wednesday night could exacerbate the blaze’s threat. According to fire officials, the fire is blazing in the Santa Ynez Mountains, west of Santa Barbara, and is threatening more than 100 ranches, residences, and other structures.

The Alisal Fire’s containment remained at 5% on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, while the number of firefighters battling the wildfire was nearly doubled to 1,300. According to InciWeb, several evacuation orders and advisories have already been issued in the region, with more likely to follow if conditions worsen.

Starting Wednesday night, severe Sundowner winds might develop in the southern part of Santa Barbara County, while other parts of the fire-ravaged state could also face greater danger. According to the Associated Press, forecasters are expecting to issue a fire weather watch in some portions of Southern California on Friday due to the dry, downslope Santa Ana winds.

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Rancho del Cielo, which was originally owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan and was known as the Western White House during his presidency, was being protected by fire crews. The Reagan ranch, which sits atop the mountain range, above the fires feeding on dense chaparral and grasses, is 688 acres (278 hectares) in size.

The fire was about a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) away late Wednesday morning, according to staff reports from the ranch, but that section of the blaze was not as active as others, according to Jessica Jensen, vice president and chief of staff of the Young America’s Foundation, which now operates the ranch.

“We’re grateful there hasn’t been any fire activity on the Reagan Ranch property itself.” In an email to the Associated Press, Jensen stated, “The Ranch is still in a very defensive position.”

According to the conservative youth organization, the area hadn’t burnt since 1955.

The organization said in a statement that fire engines were on the ranch property and that fire retardant would be sprayed around its facilities. Helicopters have been refueling with water from one of the ranch’s two lakes, according to the report.

“Young America’s Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people in the United States This is a condensed version of the information.


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