As substantial renovations take place, the Strand is taking on a new face.


As substantial renovations take place, the Strand is taking on a new face.

Work is progressing on a significant renovation of one of Liverpool’s most recognizable roadways.

New photos illustrate how far construction on The Strand and its environs has proceeded, with the area looking vastly different than it did previously.

The Strand project is part of the controversial and much panned £47 million City Centre Connectivity Scheme, which aims to change how people move about the city.

Joanne Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, has tested positive for covid.

People have been unhappy and delayed in traffic for months as lane closures and other construction activities have hampered transportation along the waterfront.

However, as these photographs show, work on the £22 million Strand project is progressing, with a lane of traffic being removed in each direction in an effort to alleviate congestion and improve safety and air quality.

Many trees have been planted along the path, and a lot of new public space has been created, as shown in the photos, with the goal of making the entire region more pedestrian-friendly.

And, while traffic is currently flowing more smoothly in both directions along The Strand, there is likely to be more disruption in the future as the project nears completion.

The southbound carriageway has been resurfaced, which means there will be no more road closures in that direction.

However, resurfacing the northbound carriageway will need lane closures during the day and road closures at night.

This is scheduled to begin at the end of August and will take four weeks to complete.

This portion of the project is expected to be completed by mid-October, according to the council.


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