As staff vaccination mandates take effect, NYC relaxes quarantine rules for students.


As staff vaccination mandates take effect, NYC relaxes quarantine rules for students.

Beginning September 27, New York City public schools will change their requirements for quarantining and testing for COVID-19, as well as upgrading their vaccine mandates, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to the NYC Department of Education, if a positive case was found in a classroom, the city required all primary school pupils in the class to be quarantined for ten days. Those 12 and older who were either unvaccinated—or vaccinated but showing symptoms—were also compelled to quarantine for ten days, according to regulations for middle and high school students.

The new policy, which follows CDC recommendations, stipulates that if a student wears a mask and is more than three feet away from a student infected with COVID-19, quarantine is not required.

In a press conference, de Blasio remarked, “That will allow more kids to securely remain in the classroom.”

The guidelines governing the frequency with which students are tested are also changing. Although children were originally scheduled to be tested every other week, the United Federation of Teachers demanded that testing be done weekly. Michael Mulgrew, the head of the teacher’s union, urged de Blasio to have children tested more frequently in a letter to the mayor.

“While our public schools have successfully reopened thus far, I am concerned that the reduced frequency of Covid testing this year will result in thousands of children spending days in classrooms without the early warning system that made our schools among the safest places in the community last year,” Mulgrew wrote in the letter.

On Monday, the district’s teachers and workers will be required to receive vaccinations. “The New York City Department of Health will issue an order requiring all staff in New York City public schools to be vaccinated: This will require that all staff of every kind—principals, teachers, custodians, food service, you name it—must have at least one dose by September 27,” de Blasio said in a statement last month. We’re confident that this will assist keep everyone safe.”

When the order was announced last month, the Associated Press reported that at least 63 percent of the district’s employees had already been vaccinated.

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