As part of a new strategy, armed cops will be on the streets.


As part of a new strategy, armed cops will be on the streets.

As part of a new strategy to combat crime and terrorism, armed police will be stationed in Warrington town centre.

Project Servator will see a variety of professional officers, including plain clothes cops, patrolling the streets of the town centre.

Officers with firearms will be on the streets as well, though not on a continuous or 24-hour basis.

According to the murder suspect, he kissed his partner good night before waking up to discover her dead.

On the mainland, police officers do not carry firearms on a regular basis, instead depending on expert firearms squads.

City of London Police pioneered Project Servator in 2014, and it has now been adopted by other major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

The tactic began in Warrington on Monday (October 10), however armed police have not yet been deployed in the town center, according to The Washington Newsday.

Specially trained cops will be part of the Project Servator team, who will be able to recognize the telltale indicators of those planning or preparing to commit a crime. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and dog handling units will also be deployed.

The effort was hailed by Ian Cox, director of the town’s Golden Square Shopping Centre.

Mr. Cox stated, “We wholeheartedly support this campaign and encourage all of our employees, retailers, and customers to help keep our neighborhood safe in any manner they can. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that watching out for one another has never been more crucial.” In June 2019, Project Servator was first tested in Chester City Centre, and the project is now being tested in Warrington.

“I am particularly thrilled to be trialing Project Servator in Warrington,” stated Chief Inspector Neil Drum of Cheshire Police. This is an excellent opportunity for us to talk to residents, visitors to the town center, and employees about the necessity of being watchful at all times, and to collaborate with them to keep everyone safe and add another layer of security to our existing policing tactics. This isn’t in response to a specific threat; rather, it’s something we’re experimenting with to see whether it will help us improve our current security procedures.” Warrington Local Policing Unit is a policing unit based in Warrington, Cheshire” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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