As organizers search for a new venue, Michael Flynn withdraws from the QAnon event in Las Vegas.


As organizers search for a new venue, Michael Flynn withdraws from the QAnon event in Las Vegas.

Michael Flynn has canceled his appearance at a QAnon event in Las Vegas, according to organizers, who say they have secured a replacement location.

The former national security adviser was tipped to be the major keynote speaker at the “For God and Country Patriot Double Down” event in Sin City in October.

In 2020, QAnon fans praised retired general Flynn when he uploaded a video in which he and his family recited a well-known phrase used by the group. Since then, his family has disputed that they were performing a QAnon oath in the July 4, 2020 video.

Caesars Entertainment canceled a QAnon-related event at its venue in August. Flynn’s profile was mysteriously removed from the event website.

Amy Sabal, who is co-organizing the event with her husband John, announced on Telegram on Monday that Flynn would be unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

“Things change, timetables are tight, things conflict, and that’s part of putting on events,” she wrote on Facebook. If you haven’t noticed, we are always dealing with modifications as a result of being canceled on the fly, and we do it with ease and elegance, if I do say so myself.”

The same day, her husband revealed that the QAnon event would take place at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas.

Now that Flynn’s profile has been removed from the website, the top-listed keynote speaker is Ron Watkins, who has been dubbed “Q” by some.

Watkins was recently featured in a promotional ad for the event, which indicated that organizers were certain they had found a new venue.

Republican lawmakers who are labeled as “special guests” are among the other notable participants of the Patriot Double Down.

Sonny Borrelli, an Arizona state senator, and Leo Biasiucci, an Arizona state representative, are among the lawmakers expected to attend.

They join Mark Finchem, a Republican from Arizona, and Jim Marchant, a former member of the Nevada Assembly.

The event’s general admission weekend passes start at $650 and go up to $3,000 for a high-roller weekend pass.

The Patriot Double Down organizers have been contacted for comment by this publication.

The event included graphics and references to QAnon, a conspiracy theory in which former President Donald Trump is said to be exposing a global gang of satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles who control a kid. This is a condensed version of the information.


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