As gunmen try to conceal from the cameras, there has been an increase in the number of shootings caught on camera.


As gunmen try to conceal from the cameras, there has been an increase in the number of shootings caught on camera.

The moment a shooter opened fire on a group of men was captured on shocking video from Kirkdale.

As round after gunshot was discharged, flashes lit up the night sky of Stanley Road, injuring two persons.

Shootings were formerly uncommonly captured on film, but as home security systems, doorbells with cameras, dashcam footage, and CCTV quality has improved, more and more armed thugs are being captured accidentally.

As he is sentenced to prison, the father who got a schoolgirl pregnant remains mute in the dock.

In recent years, such footage has become increasingly regular in Liverpool Crown Court trials.

Gunmen have been captured in the act, or have been videotaped leaving or arriving at the scene of their crimes, from Kirkdale to Warrington and Bromborough to Huyton.

Former soldier Aaron Bretherton was apprehended while claiming to be a pizza delivery driver and was sentenced to prison in Liverpool just last week.

The white van that dropped him off on Poplars Avenue in the Orford district of Warrington, then assisted him in fleeing the scene, was seen in grainy photographs.

That came after Everton resident Bretherton knocked on a door and fired four shots from a Glock handgun, striking the guy who replied once in the leg. His intended objective was not the victim.

Bretherton, 24, of Netherfield Road South, was given a five-year extended license and was sentenced to 22 years in prison, of which he must spend at least two-thirds.

A shooting at a McDonald’s drive-through in Bromborough, Wirral, was one of the most audacious gun attacks on Merseyside in recent years.

As his 21-year-old victim was being served takeaway food at the eatery, David Pugh stalked him.

Pugh was unmasked as he approached a black BMW and fired twice in front of terrified bystanders, including families with children, despite the attack taking place in broad daylight.

Before Pugh, 32, sprinted away to a waiting van, CCTV caught the victim being wounded by two bullets that went through his left buttock and right leg.

Pugh, of Huyton’s Woolfall Crescent, admitted to causing serious bodily harm with the intent to do so. “The summary has come to an end.”


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