As Fiz battles Tyrone on Coronation Street, viewers notice an issue.


As Fiz battles Tyrone on Coronation Street, viewers notice an issue.

After Fiz threatened to start a custody battle with Tyrone, Coronation Street viewers noticed a problem.

Fiz was recently rejected by the Weatherfield mechanic in favor of Alina, a young beautician.

Tyrone, on the other hand, has been lavishing money on his new girlfriend, entertaining her and promising to purchase them a home.

This has enraged Fiz, who has admitted to being cash-strapped.

Fiz had had enough and revealed her plan to petition for a parental consent order for Ruby after hearing about their sex life.

Fans, on the other hand, pointed out a key flaw in her strategy.

Fiz is now residing at a home that Tyrone owns.

He has the legal right to ask her to leave, but he has decided to let her stay as a goodwill gesture.

As a result, viewers couldn’t comprehend Fiz’s animosity at Tyrone, knowing that she was in danger of losing her home.

“The issue with this Tyrone and Fizz tale is that they aren’t married and she is living in his house with his child,” Greg tweeted. If he wanted, he could get her out and live there.”

“Fiz might want to remember who legally owns the house she’s now living in – Ty,” Grianne added.

“Fix needs to understand she’s living in Tyrone’s house,” Yvette remarked. He could demand she go if he truly wanted to fall to her level.”

“Here’s a suggestion, Ty,” Michael suggested, “put YOUR house up for sale.”

“Why the HELL is Tyrone not kicking Fiz out of his own house?” Popcaster wondered.


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