As Biden security teams eat down Cornish pasties, ‘Macron’s mixed veg’ is on the menu.


As Biden security teams eat down Cornish pasties, ‘Macron’s mixed veg’ is on the menu.

President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, and the US Marines’ security staff have ordered dozens of pasties from a Cornish bakery to munch on during the G7 summit.

Pengenna Pasties, a family-run firm in St Ives, has sold 65 pasties to security teams and marines.

For the event, the branch has prepared G7-themed pasties with the letter “G7” engraved into the pastry.

Macron’s mixed veg, Boris’ Stilton, Merkel’s minted lamb, and Biden’s Big-Un — a steak pasty – are among the pasties rebranded with tributes to the G7 nation leaders.

Graeme Parkhill, head baker and manager at the St Ives store, said the pasties were chosen as a way to add a little fun to the occasion.

He told the PA news agency, “I could be crying into my pint about the traffic delays, but I wanted to do something nice for the event.”

“The goal was to put a grin on people’s faces, and that’s exactly what it did. The names have made many laugh out loud.”

Mr Parkhill, 45, stated that the pasties were given to the security personnel and US Marines.

“The president’s security detail ordered 25 Big-Uns from Biden and two mixed vegetables from Macron. He stated Mrs Biden’s security had ten pasties and the US Marines had thirty.

“Three steak, three stilton, two lamb and mint, and two cheese and two onion pasties were on Mrs. Biden’s team. The marines brought 30 steak pasties, 17 gingerbread men, and 13 scones, but no cream or jam.”

Mr Parkhill stated that he believes the teams discovered the pasties by simply researching pasties in the Cornwall area.

“Mrs. Biden’s security detail came down because they saw Mr. Biden’s security detail had ordered some, so they said, ‘Oh, we’ll have some too,’” he explained.

It’s unclear whether the president and first lady have tried the pasties.


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