As a result of their good start, Liverpool is being neglected.


As a result of their good start, Liverpool is being neglected.

Liverpool was mostly neglected during the summer when it comes to Premier League title predictions for the years 2022 and 2023.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see how this could have happened.

The Reds’ title defense fell short last season, by 17 points, and while league rivals appeared to make significant additions to their rosters in the summer, transfer activity at Anfield was sparse.

But, for many pre-season skeptics, it seemed all too easy to ignore not only the team’s injury problems last season and the ramifications of that misfortune, but also the impact that having such crucial players return would have on Liverpool’s season.

Thiago’s injury has been verified, and the Liverpool midfielder now faces a race against time to be healthy for important matches.

Jurgen Klopp’s team is now tied for first place in the Premier League table with Chelsea. They have the most collected xG, the most shots attempted, and the most shots on target. From a defensive sense, they are also in the top four in the league in the same areas.

This emphasizes the fact that Liverpool are more than worth their table-topping status.

However, rather than being a good start to the season, their present form is essentially a continuation of the momentum they built at the close of the previous one.

The Reds were in eighth place and seven points behind the top four after losing to Fulham at Anfield in early March. However, they clawed their way back into the Champions League picture with a ten-game winning streak, finally finishing third.

And, when combined with their strong start to the season, Liverpool has now won 15 league games in a row. No other team in England’s top four divisions has an undefeated streak as long as this one.

As a result, while it may have gone unnoticed by many, Liverpool have been gradually regaining the form that made them champions, and now appear to be back in a position where they can compete with and defeat any league contender.


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