As a man looks to tumble into a flooded sinkhole, there is laughter.


As a man looks to tumble into a flooded sinkhole, there is laughter.

A video has surfaced that appears to show a guy sprinting into a flooded sinkhole in Old Swan.

Last night (Friday), a big cavity formed at the intersection of Green Lane and Prescot Road.

A video has now surfaced showing a man charging through the barricade and into the hole.

After the sinkhole devastation, bulldozers go in.

The man vanishes from view at one point after being buried in the filthy water inside the pit.

Bystanders and his pals reacted with laughter to the man’s misadventure.

“It’s right lad, it’s right bro,” the man who filmed the incident could be heard saying.

The individual who had fallen into the hole appeared to be unharmed.

Engineers are currently on the scene in Old Swan, where the sink hole is at the center of a huge crisis.

The massive hole, ensuing flooding, and loss of water and power to surrounding residences are believed to be the result of a broken water main, according to the fire department.

“The incident has generated rushing water that is affecting the junction of Prescot Road 500 meters west and Green Lane 100 meters north,” the fire department said in an earlier statement.

“Road closures have been implemented, affecting a number of properties in the neighborhood.

“A broken water main is assumed as the cause, but this has yet to be confirmed.

“Crews are attempting to stop the flow of water, and utility providers are on the scene.”


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