As a caller dials in, all of the viewers on This Morning say the same thing.


As a caller dials in, all of the viewers on This Morning say the same thing.

Today’s This Morning viewers were perplexed when a caller who had an affair called in for assistance.

Felicity came in to the ITV show to say she has a “wonderful” husband and three children who have always been there for her.

Felicity, on the other hand, said she had recently been unfaithful to him and had no idea why.

She told the programme that it was a one-time thing for her, that she’d never done anything like it before, and that it “wouldn’t happen again.”

Felicity stated that she didn’t want her husband to find out about the affair, but that she was battling to keep her guilt in check.

Many This Morning viewers, however, saw a flaw in Felicity’s logic, questioning why she would phone into a show where someone would almost certainly recognize her voice and alert her husband of her affair.

“Felicity calling in on national daytime television saying she’s had an affair but doesn’t want her husband to know,” Jodi explained. So, there you have it. Her husband is deserving of better, and I despise cheaters.”

“‘Felicity’ doesn’t want her spouse to find out she cheated on him, so she called #ThisMorning to inform the entire nation,” Chan added.

“OMG ‘Felicity,’ you do realize they don’t modify your voice and someone IS going to recognize you!” remarked My Name Is Betty.

“Felicity doesn’t want her husband to find out about her affair, so she goes on national television to talk about it,” Dave explained.

“Imagine going on national television and confessing to the country that you cheated but don’t want your husband to find out,” Alice added.

Deidre, Felicity’s agony aunt, urged her to seek counseling to deal with her guilt and to spend time with her husband, going for walks and talking together.


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