Appeal against the “Runcorn Plan for the Pet Cemetery” filed.


The claim was set out in a list of objections to a proposed block of either 33 housing units or 32 apartments for the over 55s at Irwell Lane 33-37.

An alleged “pet cemetery” was cited as a reason for not building apartments on an abandoned residential area in Runcorn.

Planning officials have not responded to the allegation.

Planning officials have made no attempt in the report to respond to the claim.

Amidst the six submissions to Halton County Council and general concern over traffic safety and loss of flora and fauna, it is claimed that the site is home to a “pet cemetery”.

If approved, the project will include the demolition of the existing buildings, which have become an alleged magnet for anti-social behavior (ASB) and arson in recent years, and a rumor of a drug occupation.

The report said that Mersey County Councils broadly supported the plans, saying that the site was “defaced by neglect” and “ASB” and that they preferred the project for the over-55s because it was “better suited to the local demographic area.

Other objections include claims that the block is becoming “a kind of YMCA”.

There are also concerns about falling house prices and a lack of proposed design images.

The project has been recommended for approval, with a request for a further application setting out the details for the future.

Halton Housing is believed to have been involved in discussions about the future of the site.


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