AP News publishes the results of the US presidential election in a blockade campaign.


The results will be published on Ethereum and EOS block chains.
The agency uses Everipedia’s OraQle software to incorporate the results unalterably into the block chain.
The price of Bitcoin is still stable during election hours.

The Associated Press news agency begins publishing the U.S. presidential election results on the Ethereum and EOS block chains. The developer’s website explains how to access the AP Elections API.

The agency uses Everipedia’s OraQle software to include the results in the block chain, which ensures that the data is unalterable.

AP also mentioned the Ethereum Public Key, which allows readers to track upcoming results. In addition, a more accessible version of the results for each state is available on the agency’s EOS account.

The impact of the US presidential election on the crypto market

Crypto-enthusiasts and professionals are eagerly awaiting the final result of the election and are concerned about its impact on the market. Although some traders and investors predicted that the market would experience tremendous volatility during the election hours, the price of Bitcoin still looks stable and is trading at $14,012.44 at the time of writing this article.

Interestingly, the 2016 election also failed to impact the crypto market during election hours. At that time, in 2016, the market saw Bitcoin’s price rise from $600 to $700 a few weeks before the election. However, the volatility did not begin until after the election results were announced.

If Bitcoin continues to behave as it did in 2016, crypto-enthusiasts should hold their breath until the results are released to get the answer to the big question of volatility.


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