Another body has been discovered during an aerial search of the Grand Canyon for a man who has been missing since 2015.


Another body has been discovered during an aerial search of the Grand Canyon for a man who has been missing since 2015.

Another body was discovered during an aerial search for a missing man in Grand Canyon National Park, the remains of a guy who had been missing since 2015.

Scott Walsh, who was last seen stepping off a shuttle bus at the park’s South Rim in 2015 but wasn’t reported missing, is thought to be the body crews discovered.

Joelle Baird, a park spokesperson, stated, “The fact that he was recovered was just coincidental.” “We weren’t specifically hunting for him, and he wasn’t someone who was on our radar.”

Officials suspect it’s Walsh because a day pack earlier discovered included medicines bearing his name, and a jacket discovered with the remains contained a driver’s license issued to Walsh out of New York, according to Baird.

Walsh was 56 years old when he died.

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According to Baird, the clothing had blended in with the surroundings, and the body had been positioned in such a way that it was nearly unnoticeable.

“Every now and again, conducting searches here, we come across somebody we weren’t expecting,” she remarked on Wednesday.

Gabor Berczi-Tomscanyi, a Hungarian national who living in Hong Kong, had been sought by crews. He went missing in the United States Southwest in late July and was reported missing to authorities in Las Vegas. At mid-August, his automobile was discovered in a Grand Canyon parking lot, and his corpse was discovered a few days later, some 430 feet below the canyon’s rim near Yavapai Point.

Berczi-Tomscanyi died as a result of a violent fall, but authorities are still looking into what caused it.

The other body was discovered during a search for Berczi-Tomscanyi from the air. Baird said it was discovered 600 feet below the Pipe Creek viewpoint and about 3 miles from where Walsh’s day pack was discovered in 2015.

The park hasn’t been able to identify any immediate family members, but Baird said they’ve spoken with Walsh’s friends.

The medical examiner’s office in Coconino County is seeking to identify the bone remains. Trish Lees, a county spokesperson, stated that DNA testing might be required.

In Grand Canyon National Park, which spans 1,904 square miles, unintentional discoveries are rare. The park is the size of the state. This is a condensed version of the information.


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