Angling: Please take your trash home with you.


Angling: Please take your trash home with you.

Participating in angling has always been a terrific opportunity for people to unwind and escape the strains of everyday life.

More than that, it allows us to appreciate our surroundings while also participating in a beautiful sport and leisure.

This week, however, it brings me no pleasure at all to express my dissatisfaction with the behavior of members of the public who use our water systems as a means of demonstrating how they just do not respect or care.

My views are not directed towards anglers; rather, they are directed at the general public, who have continued to behave in the most heinous manner with regard to trashing the countryside and the ecosystem we live in since this horrible age began.

Because walkers leave rubbish all across the country every day, our own volunteer groups on Merseyside have become increasingly strained just trying to keep up with what is being left behind.

It’s a concept that came to mind this week after seeing the massive amounts of trash being picked up by volunteers and association bailiffs, and hearing those same kind people express their feelings. It’s a complete embarrassment.

Anglers in St Helens are appreciative of this wonderful job, but since the pandemic began, things have increasingly deteriorated as temperatures rise on a regular basis.

Take, for example, Carr Mill Dam, where hikers, sunbathers, and swimmers leave their trash for others to pick up. The dam is a beautiful place to roam about; the trees are teeming with birds, and the birds on the lake speak for themselves.

Since I’ve been active in angling for so long, I’ve taken every chance to promote our sport, and I’ve always focused my efforts on encouraging young people to take up the sport. One of my objectives has been to encourage environmental awareness by maintaining a clean atmosphere.

“Summary ends.” As my colleagues officials at Liverpool DAA and St Helens AA continue to do their best to promote the environment in the cause of.


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