An Italian musician uses IOTA’s Tangle to certify music authenticity


Block chain technology is developing rapidly and new applications are constantly being discovered for it. Many of the application cases, which were once only theoretical, are now available and are used in practice for all kinds of purposes.

For example, an Italian musician used IOTA (MIOTA) to certify the authenticity of her music and protect her work.




How does this work?

Recently, the story of an Italian musician who used block chain technology to ensure that her music would remain in her possession forever, appeared on Reddit. The user, named “Beginning Alps”, wrote on the platform about her idea to use IOTA to protect her work.

The editor went into the process in detail and explained that it was actually very simple. All people have to do is create a website that describes their product. Then they can also post photos of the product with a unique identification number.

Then the photo is uploaded to the IPFS server (InterPlanetary File System), a protocol used for storing and exchanging data in distributed file systems over P2P networks. The system can identify each file contained in it by content addressing. At the same time, it can connect all devices on the network and give them access to the content.

The editor explains that users can create a message in addition to the photo and that the message serves as a certificate of originality for the product. Users must also add links to the website and the photo they uploaded. After that, all they have to do is create an IOTA transaction and add the links to the photo in the project’s IOTA Explorer.

This is a very interesting use of IOTA and its tangle, both of which have been praised by various industry insiders around the world.


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