An investigation has been launched into a student’s online comment about ‘auctioning off black classmates.’


An investigation has been launched into a student’s online comment about ‘auctioning off black classmates.’

A student’s online comments about “auctioning off Black classmates” have prompted an investigation by an Oregon school district.

A student at Newberg High School recently released photographs online indicating a classmate’s involvement in the Snapchat group “Slave Trade,” according to KOIN news in Oregon. According to photos sent by the worried student, the other student used racist and homophobic insults in the Snapchat group, as well as discussed the concept of “auctioning off Black students,” according to KOIN news.

Following the concerned student’s posts, Newberg High School Principal Tami Erion issued a statement to the community, which was shared with this website.

In a statement, Erion added, “Newberg High School became aware of a very severe and inappropriate occurrence on social media in which one of our students participated in a snapchat group titled”slave trade” and used images of other Newberg High School students in the group.” “Derogatory comments, including racial and homophobic slurs, were attached to the photos.

“This talk started in late 2020 in Michigan, but our administrative team only learned about the group and our students’ participation late Friday. While the investigation is still continuing and we cannot comment on the specifics, we want to reassure our community that we are following board rules when it comes to harassment, bullying, and potential disciplinary consequences, as we always do.”

The high school is “very saddened that this behavior and activity was demonstrated by someone from our community,” according to Erion, who also stated that the school system condemns the actions.

“We continue to wrestle with issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as a community…

For the safety and well-being of all students at Newberg High School, we are dedicated to confronting and enforcing disciplinary consequences for acts of harassment and bullying,” the statement continued.

According to KOIN News, shortly after learning about the incident, Oregon House Majority Leader and Education House Committee Chair Barbara Smith Warner made a statement, saying, “Incidents like these are exactly what make Black youngsters feel like their lives don’t matter.” We stand with you and affirm as the House Majority Leader and Chair of the House Education Committee. This is a condensed version of the information.


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