An investigation has been initiated into the damage caused at the sites of a collapsed construction company.


An investigation has been initiated into the damage caused at the sites of a collapsed construction company.

As vital files were rushed off to “safe houses,” police are also probing a spree of furious looting and criminal destruction at locations related to a now-defunct construction company.

The offices of Vital Infrastructure Asset Management (VIAM), also known as King Construction, in Kirkdale and Speke have been left in shambles following the firm’s recent administration.

They were behind the contentious Tarmacademy initiative, which is now in the hands of the police as part of the ongoing Liverpool council corruption investigation.

The ECHO reported yesterday that the Derby Road site had been plundered and vandalized, with allegations of dissatisfied workers stealing wagons, excavators, and gear.

Graffiti on the walls, rooms stripped of furniture, and items strewn about were all seen in photos taken inside the facility.

Similar activity is believed to have occurred at the firm’s Goodlass Road site in Speke.

Teneo, the administrators, acknowledged today that they were aware of the problems before they were appointed administrators on June 1.

The police are looking into the situation.

According to an insider, who spoke to the ECHO, “There are so many people who have not been paid by King, people who are owed a significant amount of money, that it’s unbelievable.

“There are still lads driving about in vans, and some people have wagons parked outside their homes.

“You would not believe the situation of Derby Road now, all the offices have been completely robbed, paperwork has been broken, computers have been smashed.”

Teneo said in a statement: “The administrators are aware of incidents of damage and claims of equipment theft at a number of the Companies’ facilities.

“These actions occurred prior to the appointment of the administrators.

“The police have been notified, and the administrators are working with the police, asset recovery agencies, and their insurers to identify the best course of action.”

Teneo stated that all remaining assets and records had been taken from the facility. The summary comes to a close.


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