An ex-boyfriend barges into a woman’s home and forces his way into her bedroom.


An ex-boyfriend barges into a woman’s home and forces his way into her bedroom.

While she cowered in dread, a man attacked his former girlfriend’s house and pushed his way into her locked bedroom.

After they parted up and “totally defied” a restraining order, Andrew Priestley threatened to “terrorize” Natasha Smith.

Before approaching and beating her, he went to her residence in the early hours of the morning while she was sleeping in bed.

Priestley, who has 26 previous convictions for 75 offenses, allegedly left her “constantly living in fear,” according to Liverpool Crown Court.

The 39-year-old, who has no fixed address but was born in Widnes, apologized and stated he never meant to upset her.

Priestley was in a relationship with Ms Smith for about 18 months before they split up in early 2020, according to the court.

A two-year restraining order was issued against Priestley on May 30, 2020, according to prosecutor Paul Blasbery, “as a result of earlier problems.”

However, he had previously broken it twice before the event on July 25 at her home in Speke at around 3.30 a.m.

Ms Smith had been visiting family in the Widnes area, according to Mr Blasbery, before returning home around 11.30 p.m.

Priestley “forced his way into the hallway of her home, pushing her with his elbow, which mercifully resulted in no injury,” she said when she answered the door.

“She was so terrified that she ran up to her bedroom and shut the door because she was afraid of Mr Priestley’s aggression,” Mr Blasbery added.

“Mr Priestley pushed his way inside the room, shattering the lock.”

Priestley allegedly tried to take her handbag and the two got into a “tussle” during which he grabbed and damaged her wrist, according to the court.

Her ex-boyfriend allegedly snatched her car keys and ridiculed her before she threatened to call the cops and he escaped.

Priestley was arrested on September 8 after he denied any contact with her.

“He described the contents of her statement as funny,” Mr Blasbery added. He denied that anything happened and that he was aware of the injuries.” In a victim statement, Ms Smith said Priestley “totally disregarded” the restraining order and, in her own words, “fully disregarded” the restraining order. “The summary has come to an end.”


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