An employee of Liverpool FC claims that some club employees are dependent on food packages from colleagues.


In an emotional contribution from Reddit, the anonymous worker, who says he works at the Guided Tour and Museum Centre in Anfield, said that the lack of shifts available for some casual workers as the level 3 restrictions begin to take effect has created real difficulties as some have been “left alone”.

An employee at Liverpool FC has claimed that, because of the current situation at the club, some employees are dependent on food parcels and cash donations from colleagues.

A casual worker from Anfield talks about the situation at the club, but the Reds bosses insist that in difficult times for the industry, employees are offered alternative work.

Instead, they agreed to continue paying casual workers what they would have expected if the games were still taking place.

In April, when football was banned, the club reversed its decision to include some employees in the government’s taxpayer-funded vacation program after strong backlashes from fans and former players.

The LFC stated that it had experienced a “huge loss of revenue” but insisted that it had tried to offer shifts to as many casual workers as possible, including in various parts of the club, but the take-up had been very low.

They said, however, that the current situation was much worse for some now.

The Reddit poster said that the scheme had helped many of the casual workers who would have been in need without it.

“At the first lockdown, the staff at the Anfield Tourist Centre received an average wage from the club after an attempt to sue for leave had failed because of the negative press. This was very helpful as around 60 members of the casual staff would have lost their income and would have been penniless without it.

The post, which has now been shared 8,000 times, said: “I work for Liverpool Football Club in a variety of capacities, one of which is that of management and museum center. I thought you would all be interested to see what it is like on the ground.

“This suits many of us, as we are retired, but some of the younger men and women rely solely on the club’s income.

What do I mean by “temporary staff”? Most of them are temporary staff in the Guiding and Museum Centers, direct employees of Liverpool, some of whom have worked 4 or 5 times a week for many years in the club, in name only and to their rights, but often full-time and fully committed.

Liverpool FC has insisted that it does not have zero-hour contracts, as a spokesperson explained: “However, we do have colleagues who work with us on occasional contracts to supplement our permanent staff.

They added: “What has happened in recent weeks has been far worse (than the first lockdown), the club has started sending out shifts on a daily basis, with most people not getting any at all.

The Reddit poster said the message was “no attack on the club, but I think this context is important for what is happening right now”.

“Many long-term staff members (use) charities and take out universal loans (we all know how long it takes to get them), which does not sit well with YNWA.

The poster contained a series of WhatsApp messages that they said came from colleagues who talked about their current difficulties and claimed they lacked communication from the club.

The poster goes on to state: “Some employees have started an in-house charity where we can give food and money so that other employees can come and receive them without asking questions, which is crazy in a club like Liverpool.


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