“Alt-Meat” isn’t just a fad; it has the potential to reshape the future.


“Alt-Meat” isn’t just a fad; it has the potential to reshape the future.

The most recent 3D-printed beef option is affordable, tasty, and, of course, meat-free.

“How do you know if a vegan walks into a bar?” – Oh, they’ll make certain to inform you.” These are the kinds of cheesy jokes directed at and about folks who refuse to eat animals. Yes, some vegans are adamant about their aversion to all things animal-related, including eggs, milk, leather, and honey. But there are also quieter vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians, and others who have come to some “inconvenient realities” about meat-eating: our current meat-eating practices are unsustainable, regardless of any philosophical argument over the morality of what we eat. This, on the other hand, contradicts a conclusion reached by practically every human for literally tens of thousands of years. Meat is delicious. Beef, in particular, is exceptional. It satisfies on a primitive level. Is it possible to reconcile these two contradictory facts?

The cattle industry is a strong contender for the least efficient industry on the planet. Cows consume more freshwater than the world’s 7.674 billion people combined. It’s a “resource-taxing” enterprise, to say the least, when you consider the water resources required for processing and packing the meat, not to mention the land area cows require or the massive amounts of food they must be fed to become a small slab of a wonderful protein-rich meal. Every year, the world’s beef eaters consume 50 billion kg of cow-derived stuff, which is wonderful news for big beef. However, one pound of beef can require up to 20,000 liters of water and 25 kilos of feed. Oh, and it emits approximately 20 kilograms of greenhouse gases. – Those hoping that their grandchildren will not be compelled to live on a “Waterworld” Earth will be disappointed. Vegans urge us to go vegan immediately, but can we have our cow and eat it as well? – Yes. If we’re prepared to take a step forward in technology and create 3D meat.

Some people are already grumbling. “Nothing compares to the real deal! I tried the Yummy Burger or whatever it was called… it wasn’t the same!” True. That’s not the case. This is why an Israeli start-up has decided to re-invent the “alternative meat” market. Redefine Meat is a startup that uses unique 3D printing technology that was unthinkable a decade ago. They’re combining this technology with “flesh digital modeling” and advanced food formulas to create “animal-free meat,” as they call it. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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