All of the energy companies that have gone bankrupt this year, as well as those that are in jeopardy.


All of the energy companies that have gone bankrupt this year, as well as those that are in jeopardy.

According to industry estimates, the number of energy suppliers in the UK market might be reduced to just ten by Christmas.

As a result of the UK’s gas price problem, some small energy companies have gone bankrupt, unable to cope with the rising costs. Now, industry experts predict that the market will contract much further in the following months.

In the previous year, 15 companies have gone bankrupt, and for the first time, a ‘cheap’ fixed energy package is now more expensive than variable rates, which have traditionally been the most expensive in the market.

In Liverpool, a Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

The best-fixed agreements have been fully pulled due to rising wholesale gas prices, with providers boosting their rates to compensate for the out-of-control gas prices.

With growing prices, the energy price cap is anticipated to rise again next April, with a £178 annual increase.

Since the beginning of the year, wholesale gas prices have climbed by 250 percent, with a 70 percent increase in August alone being the final straw for a number of suppliers.

According to the Mirror, the following companies have ceased operations since September 2020.

September 2020 – Effortless

October 2020 – Tonik Energy


January 2021 – Simplicity Energy

January 2021 – Green Network Energy

August 2021 – Hub Energy

September 2021 – PfP Energy

September 2021 – MoneyPlus Energy

September 2021 – Utility Point

September 2021 – People’s Energy

September 2021 – Green

September 2021 – Avro Energy

September 2021 – Igloo Energy

September 2021 – Symbio Energy

September 2021, ENSTROGA

Since 2019, 19 more have gone bankrupt:

November 2016 – GB Energy

January 2018 – Future Energy

July 2018 – National Gas and Power

Iresa (Ireland) – July 2018

September 2018 – Gen4u

October 2018 – Usio Energy

November 2018 – Extra Energy

November 2018 – Spark Energy Supply Limited

December 2018 – OneSelect

Energy Economy – January 2019

Our Strength – 2019

March 2019 – Brilliant Energy

August 2019 – Cardiff Energy Supply

August 2019 – Solarplicity

September 2019 – Eversmart

October 2019 – Rutherford Energy

October 2019 – Toto Energy

December 2019 – Breeze Energy

March 2020 – Gnergy

Many more businesses are expected to close in the coming weeks as a result of the growing costs, according to Ofgem. “The summary has come to an end.”


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