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I am on my way to the Peach State this week to hold rallies and go door to door in support of U.S. Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. In this unique situation, both seats in the Georgia Senate will be determined in a runoff election on January 5.

The need for Republicans to remain in the Senate for the next two years cannot be overestimated. In the absence of the Senate, there may be no way to reverse a certain and aggressive turn toward socialism should the Democrats control both the legislative chambers and the executive branch.

I hear some readers cry out when they read this: “Charlie, you can’t possibly cede the presidential election to Biden! How can you give up the president?” Let me make one thing clear: I’m not giving up on anything. Any legal challenges that come from the Trump legal department can and should continue. Besides, as the great Rush Limbaugh has always warned from his seat above the Radio Kingdom, we have to live in Realville, and in Realville it is a good idea to prepare for all sorts of realities.

Especially if this potential reality brings with it the end of the United States of America as designed by our founding fathers.

There have been rumors, dangerous rumors, that supporters of President Trump are boycotting the January 5 Senate election because they suspect election rigging in Georgia and other states. I agree that the November 3 election results are highly suspicious and that all reasonable steps should be taken, including any warranted criminal investigation. I am also certain that if the Georgians do not show up in January because of the events of November, they will cut off their constitutional nose to defy their state.

The eligible Republican voters, every genuine American voter, must appear in Georgia to conduct the final defense vote. Should President Trump fail in his lawsuits in court, the Senate will be our last line of defense between the Constitution and the Democratic Party, which wants to see it undermined. If you are an eligible voter in Georgia and are thinking of “suspending” this upcoming election in protest, I would like to offer you a small sample of what is at stake:

The Democrats will administer substantial potions of the Green New Deal, destroying jobs in the United States and increasing the cost of almost everything you buy.
The Democrats will grab the United States Supreme Court, ensuring that we live in a post-constitutional country from that point on.
They will push for the statehood of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, ensuring a majority of Democrats in the Senate for all political eternity.
They will provide amnesty and voting rights for all illegal immigrants in the country, which in turn will strengthen their electoral base, but also tens of millions for various relief efforts across the country for which legal and taxpaying American citizens will have to pay the bill.

And that is exactly what they will do to get started in 2021. I don’t even want to consider the year 2022.

Anyone in Georgia who believes that they can sit out this election to persistently punish their state for not properly combating or preventing electoral fraud, real or imagined, must understand that this will not be “fixed” in 2022 in any way. By November 2022 it will be too late to undo what the Democrats have done over the past two years. A capricious attitude towards the electorate will lead to American ruin by the next election.

We must turn the United States Senate into a legislative killing squad, a graveyard where the Democrats’ dystopian and ruinous socialist ideas will die. Republicans must accept that if President Trump is not in office, not a single worthwhile bill will be passed in the next four years.

President Trump has made many Americans feel that they can go on the offensive when it comes to politics and policy. The Trump way is to conquer the ground, not just hold it. If we lose it, we will unfortunately not be able to gain ground at the national level. However, it is essential that we keep the line.

There are complaints that Senators Loeffler and Perdue are not true “Trump style” Republicans. I understand that, but this is not the time for a purity test. Whatever the two candidates are, I know what they are not: Shredded Constitution, extreme left activists like Warnock and Ossoff. That is reason enough to support them. That is reason enough for me to go to Georgia.

So if you can, please accompany me on the streets of Georgia. If you have money, donate it. If you have time, donate it voluntarily. If you have a strong presence in the social media, activate it. Even though we continue to fight for President Trump, hoping that he will eventually prevail, please join me. We are in a two-front war, and everyone is on deck.

Charlie Kirk is the chairman of Students for Trump and host of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own.


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