All Brits going on vacation should be aware of the NHS Covid pass.


All Brits going on vacation should be aware of the NHS Covid pass.

Following a rash of fake “coronavirus passports,” the British government has urged people to be cautious.

You may need to apply for an NHS COVID permit to show your vaccination data or test results as holiday destinations continue to open their airports to the UK and large-scale events are trialed.

Depending on the location or country you are visiting, this may be required.

This weekend, there are a number of venues where you may walk in and get your vaccine.

However, fraudsters posing as NHS personnel are taking advantage of the situation by supplying phony passports for a charge.

Scammers have sent you emails with links to a false but plausible ‘NHS’ website asking you to apply for a ‘digital coronavirus passport’ using your personal and payment information.

The NHS would never contact you to request financial information in order to receive a COVID pass. You may check your double vaccination status for free via the NHS app, and you can also register for a free NHS COVID pass online.

“For individuals who have had both of their COVID-19 vaccines, the NHS COVID Pass is vital as people begin to look forward to events, holidays, and their life after the pandemic,” said Deepak Dwarakanath, North Tees and Hartlepool trust medical director.

“It’s a disgrace that somebody would try to take advantage of this and swindle others in this way.

“If you have received both vaccinations and require a permit, please do so through NHS procedures. Anyone who needs a COVID permit can get one for free, and it will stay free as long as it is a requirement for travel.”

Despite the fact that the website has already been removed, fraudsters can rapidly make up new websites, email accounts, and phone numbers.

The NHS COVID pass is a free evidence of immunization status that you may request or check on the national NHS website, the NHS app, or by dialling 119.

If you receive an email demanding for payment information in order to apply for an NHS COVID pass, do not click any links, do not enter any personal or financial information, and delete the email right away.

You can also report any of them. “The summary has come to an end.”


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