Alisson on the Liverpool Plan without tackling Virgil van Dijk and Jordan Pickford.


And he took on the challenge of Everton’s number one, Jordan Pickford, who left the Dutch star with an ACL damage.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson insists the team’s plan with Virgil van Dijk on the sidelines will not change.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson outlines the situation without Virgil van Dijk and gives his assessment of the incident with Jordan Pickford

That leaves only Joe Gomez and Joel Matip as central defenders in Jürgen Klopp’s squad.

Van Dijk could be out for the rest of the season after the incident in the 2-2 draw at Goodison Park earlier this month.

But Alisson insists that such setbacks will only prove how strong Liverpool is.

Fabinho, who also jumped in at the back, suffered a hamstring injury in midweek against Midtjylland.

It is expected that Klopp will report to the media in the course of the day about the extent of the Brazilian’s absence.

“We do not have to make any changes. Obviously you will miss some things – [like]Virgil’s header!

He told Sky Sports: “We have everything we need to continue doing our job, playing our football, the way we play.

“It helps us not only in the defensive phase, but also in attacking and scoring goals.

Referring to Pickford’s ill-considered tackling during the derby, Alisson added: “Every goalkeeper has a different way of playing and a different way of moving.

“But this will prove the strength of our team. We are a really strong team with a lot of players who can play”.

“But at that moment, 100%, it was not necessary to move.

“But everyone has their own way of getting on the ball.

“I think about what I have in my head when I approach a situation – I go to end the situation. If I get too soft, I know that the opponent can score.

“I don’t agree with that [Pickford over Van Dijk] – everyone can see that.

“It was just an unnecessary moment and an unnecessary movement.”

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