Aldi has announced the opening of seven new stores in Merseyside.


Aldi has announced the opening of seven new stores in Merseyside.

Aldi has stated that it is looking to open new stores in Merseyside.

To fulfill demand from new consumers, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket, which currently has over 900 locations across the country, launches one new store per week on average.

It is presently looking for freehold town-centre or edge-of-centre sites in Merseyside, such as in Southport and Formby, for development.

The low-cost retailer has announced that it is now looking for freehold town-center or edge-of-town development sites.

Aldi says it’s looking for a site with adequate room for a 20,000-square-foot store and roughly 100 dedicated parking places, preferably on a major thoroughfare with good visibility and access.

In addition, the store will invest in the construction of new and expanded distribution centers.

“We’re continuing to win even more customers,” said Richard Thornton, Communications Director at Aldi UK, “with over 60% of UK families shopping with Aldi in the last year.”

“Our primary emphasis is on growing our store estate and ensuring that Aldi is available to as many of these new shoppers as possible across the country.

“As we expand our locations and methods to shop with us, we are looking forward to providing millions of new customers with access to Aldi’s award-winning quality and great value.”

Aldi wants to open stores in Formby, North Southport, and other Merseyside locations.

Haydock, St Helens, Kirkby, Southport Liverpool, and the city centre are among the other regions targeted.


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