Aldi buyers angry about caterpillar and maggot infested broccoli.


Disgruntled shoppers have said they found caterpillars and maggots in the supermarket’s broccoli.

Aldi was inundated with complaints after customers claimed they had bought insect-infested vegetables.

The supermarket was flooded with complaints.

And customers are not letting the store, which was recently named the cheapest supermarket in the country, overlook the matter.

Some of the insects can be seen poking their heads out of the florets, while others hold on while being boiled alive.

In the photos, frustrated customers say they saw insects in the broccoli as they were immersed in their tea.

said Franky Smyth: “Would suggest that you don’t try her salad if you don’t like sharing your Aldi vegetables with critters.

The Mirror reports that in recent weeks alone, more than 30 people have publicly contacted Aldi through their social media sites to complain about the “heinous” discoveries that have ruined their dinner plans – and taken them away from broccoli.

“Every time I buy broccoli, it’s littered with aphids and caterpillars!”

said Tom Liam Spencer: “Just found caterpillars in my greens from Aldi,” followed by four “vomit” emoticons.

Francesca Kemp added: “@AldiUK not one, but three live caterpillars in our broccoli are running out of plans for dinner…”

And Holly Bowman tweeted: “Hi Aldi, I’m not so keen on those maggots in my broccoli.

The vegetables are grown in various parts of the UK – including Lincolnshire and Cornwall – and packed in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Aldi has responded to complaints by asking buyers to send them a private message with details of the store where they bought the broccoli.

The broccoli is sold under Aldi’s organic range “crispy and crunchy” and under the “Nature’s Pick” brand.


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