Airbnb bans a host for attempting to defraud the American delegation at COP26 of an extra $2,000.


Airbnb bans a host for attempting to defraud the American delegation at COP26 of an extra $2,000.

Airbnb has blacklisted a host in Scotland who attempted to defraud a US-based COP26 delegate out of an additional $2,000 payment.

Each night that Tan Copsey, a senior director with climate change monitoring firm Climate Nexus, would be staying at the home, the host sought an additional payment.

Copsey tweeted the message exchange with the host ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this weekend.

Copsey wrote on Sunday in a Facebook post: “This guy tried to add another $2,000 to my #COP26 accommodation when I was having a great time. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.” The putative host indicated they planned to charge an extra £70 ($96.55) for each night he remained at the residence in a message Copsey posted.

The claimed host also sent the following message: “During COP26 in Glasgow, I provided you the option of agreeing to pay an additional cost to reflect the market price for short-term rentals.

“I’m canceling your reservation since you opted not to.”

However, Airbnb stepped in and said the host would not be able to take any more bookings for the length of COP26.

This guy tried to add another $2000 to my #COP26 accomodation while I was having a fantastic time. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. October 24, 2021 — Tan Copsey (@tancopsey) According to a spokeswoman for Airbnb, who talked to The Washington Newsday, “We will not tolerate this behavior and have taken action against the host, preventing them from accepting any additional bookings during this time.

“The guest has been fully repaid, and we have given assistance in locating alternate lodging. All of Airbnb’s service fees for stays in Glasgow during COP26 will be donated to Zero Waste Scotland.” A host may face penalties if they cancel a reservation in specific situations, according to the spokeswoman. This can involve things like a block on their calendar for the same days, cancellation costs, and even account suspension or deactivation.

While Airbnb does not set prices for hosts’ properties, it told The Washington Newsday that the average price paid per person at COP26 was around £130 ($179.42).

In a follow-up tweet, Copsey stated that he had found alternate lodging for his stay in Glasgow.

Parties to the Paris Agreement are meeting for the first time at COP26. This is a condensed version of the information.


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