‘Aggressive’ mother ‘threatened to contaminate’ cops by flooding their cell with toilet water.


‘Aggressive’ mother ‘threatened to contaminate’ cops by flooding their cell with toilet water.

Today, a mother who claimed she had coronavirus and “threatened to infect” others was sentenced to prison.

Louise Whelan, 31, of Rankin Street, Poulton, appeared in Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday for a series of offenses dating back to last year, including violating a previous suspended sentence order.

Following her arrest, the 31-year-old was charged with two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, one of which was a police officer and the other a detention officer at Wirral Custody Suite.

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When confronted by police on March 31, last year, Whelan became ‘abusive’ and declared she ‘had Covid-19’ and ‘would cough and spit at policemen,’ according to prosecutor Mr Paul Blasbery.

She was apprehended and escorted to the Wirral Police Station, where she claimed to have Covid-19 once more.

Whelan was described as “very belligerent and disruptive” by the officer on duty, who even “flooded her cell with toilet water,” according to the court.

A jail officer checked on Whelan about 2.15 p.m. that afternoon and discovered she had stuffed a sweater down the toilet.

According to Mr Blasbery, she swore and became aggressive to the custody officer, tilting her head back to the point that the officer believed she was about to spit at her.

When questioned, Whelan said the female officer was’swearing as much as she’ and had ‘kicked’ her, according to the court.

Whelan committed another theft-related offense around 4.30 p.m. on 4 December last year, when she went to The Range at Croft Business Park with another female.

Mr Blasbery claimed she left with a pink pouffe that employees feared she hadn’t paid for, and that they took down her car registration plate.

She was held by police officials after it was discovered she had not paid for the goods.

Whelan, who has a criminal record that includes breaking lockdown to look for ‘fit fellas,’ was in violation of a previous suspended sentence that was set to expire on March 4, 2020.

Whelan has been diagnosed with ADHD and suffers from anxiety and despair, according to Whelan’s lawyer, Des Lennon.

He went on to remark that Whelan “faces substantial challenges,” and that “with the benefit of hindsight, she reacted in a way that “The summary has come to an end.”


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