After witnessing ‘gladiator’ gymwear, Zara shoppers were ‘literally done.’


After witnessing ‘gladiator’ gymwear, Zara shoppers were ‘literally done.’

Zara customers were in stitches after seeing a “gladiator”-style gym co-ord on the website.

Zara is a hugely popular high-street brand among fashionistas and customers, with lines to get into its stores often wrapping around buildings.

It is perhaps one of the most popular boutiques in Liverpool’s city center.

Awkward is a parody Instagram account. Zara’s Instagram account is dedicated to ridiculing the brand’s advertising and website images, as well as some of its more bizarre clothes, and it already has 53k followers.

Any Zara fan will be familiar with the brand’s aesthetic, which features women posing in unusual positions on the brand’s website, similar to those seen in magazine editorials. This can make it tough for some customers to figure out how to dress certain clothing, but @awkwardzara sees the humor in it.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows

“When you’re dressed as a superhero whose only superpower is the capacity to resist the most brutal of wedgies,” Awkward Zara wrote beside a photo of a co-ord from Zara’s Life Collection, which focuses on leisure and athletic clothes.

The post was well-received, with over 550 likes.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“Finally get to live my childhood goal of becoming a gladiator!!!,” Lilley exclaimed.

“Zara became perplexed,” Alice explained.

“Can you please explain?” Holly asked, tagging a friend. “I cannot,” Sarah-Jayne answered.

Lisa commented: “Nooooooo.”

Another shopper, also named Lisa, tagged a friend and said: “omg what is that! Told you this page was funny.” Jane, a friend, answered, “I have no idea, but I think whatever it is, we need it,” adding a laughing emoji.

One shopper said: “superman vibes.”

Charlotte commented: “What Even Are They”, adding the clown emoji between each word.

Gaby said: “Omg hideous.”

Lucy posted a string of laughing emojis and added: “Literally done.”



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