After undergoing extensive surgery, a 3-year-old kid makes Alder Hey personnel do the conga.


After undergoing extensive surgery, a 3-year-old kid makes Alder Hey personnel do the conga.

After undergoing severe open heart surgery, a brave little boy is “putting a smile on everyone’s faces” at Alder Hey Hospital.

Jaxxon Wood was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), a life-threatening disease in which the heart’s major two arteries are reversed.

Andrea Wood, from Manchester, claimed she found out about the problem during a scan when she was 20 weeks pregnant, and Jaxxon was hurried away to Alder Hey for surgery minutes after his delivery by C-section.

The three-year-old has had seven operations since then, including two major open heart procedures, one of which was performed when he was just 12 months old.

Jaxxon, on the other hand, has taken it all in stride and is currently entertaining everyone on his ward at Alder Hey, where he has even gotten the nurses to do the conga down the ward.

“When Jaxx was delivered and they pulled him out of me, they literally put him up over a screen and that was it – he went taken away to Alder Hey,” Andrea, 32, told the ECHO.

“Babies born with TGA don’t have a long life expectancy if they don’t get a surgery.”

“It was the worst and best day of my life at the same time. He’s my one and only child.”

Jaxxon was taken to Alder Hey on April 28 for his second open heart surgery, and he has since undergone another procedure to implant a pacemaker in his chest.

He’s still in the hospital because the fluid in his chest isn’t draining properly, but he’s keeping everyone on the ward happy.

“I can’t express how proud I am of him,” Andrea remarked.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s just like any other kid; he has his bad days when he says things like,’mummy, I’m unhappy, I want to go home, I miss my daddy,’ but he’s also hilarious.”

“He adores Shrek, and there’s a sequence in the film where Donkey and Shrek walk up to the castle to rescue Princess Fiona, as well as the song I’m on.” The summary comes to a close.


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